Do you think " Ageism" is real thing and among us?

If no, explain why not. If yes, explain why yes.
( Explanation - "Ageism" is term used for companies not willing to employ people over certain age, even they have top education, skills and experience - simply, they are too old. Its is illegal, but its very hard to proove it)

Update : I left my job in London cos of moving to Nederlands. I've never ever had problem to find job. It was matter of one day. In NL? OMG... its something horrible. And I've collected prooves of ageism. ( Im 47).


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  • Yes, ageism exists everywhere in our society. The companies you mentioned select young people to ensure the working endurance of their employees, and they don't take in consideration working experience and skills when it comes to age. That is a very sad fact but the one thing you can do is getting a degree in your sphere and that way you will have much more chances to compete against younger people who also have one. It is about having official documents that you have everything needed for the job, in which case they will be very much limited in arguments against selecting you.


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  • I have a minor in gerontology (which is aging science) and ageism comes up a lot. It's a real thing. While older adults have more experience than younger counterparts, the stereotypes that they are slow or unable to adapt quickly to new situations works against them and in many cases, the stereotypes aren't true at all. And the term doesn't even apply only to the workplace; it's any time someone is discriminated against on the basis of age. For example, the idea that older adults no longer have sex or desire sex is a form of ageism that permeates assisted living and nursing home facilities. Older adults are isolated and unable to form sexual relationships with other people in many cases in these facilities.

    • If you have a minor in gerontology, you should put him in a more appropriate class for his age group. What does some kid know about old codgers?

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  • Yes, ageism is very much real. Companies like young people they can mold and shape in whichever way they fancy. Older folks are seen as slow and being set in their ways. Companies also like to hire "attractive" people- and young people are generally seen as more attractive.

  • I think it is... but like you said it's too hard to prove

  • Yes definitely.
    Bill Maher made a video about it
    youtube. com/ watch? v=0kWaKhrpa28

    Can't post the link for some reason.


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  • I think companies should be entitled to make logical decisions for whom they employ.

    And yes, of bloody course they do. They're not going to invest in the 60 year old when they have a 20 year old with equal or near equal performance that can be turned into a reliable company asset for at least another 40 years.