How to get a girl to be your FWB?

Thing is I been eyeing a couple girls for awhile now don't really them and we bearly talk apart from saying hello/good morning thing is I wanna get with them but not as bf/gf I wanna be straight up and say I just wanna F*** but don't know how to go about it? should I just be raw when I approach them (don't wanna do it because it might backfire or they gonna want money which is what I'm trying to avoid) or ask for there number talk to them for awhile... then let them know what I want?


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  • Find a girl on tinder?

    • Sir I'm not in the U. S i'm referring to girls I meet down here in person

    • A bar or a club!

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  • Tell her you think she's really attractive and fun but you're not ready for a serious relationship and just want something casual with no expectations.

    It gets your intentions across without making her think you only value her for sex even if that is the case.

    Try your best to not seem desperate. You want to give of the vibr that you would like her to say yes but you're not going to lose any sleep if she says no.

    Also dont let her try to talk you into a relationship. Girls will often say "Im not that kinda girl" to give you the vibe she doesn't do hookups. Most of them are full of shit, they have done hookups in the past, they just dont want to hookup with YOU.

    So if you get that line repeat that you're not looking for a relationship and maybe tell her in a flirtatious way to let you know if she changes her mind.

  • Well if you are not in US then you will face problem cuz girls have respect too and they are not just going to give you that easily. I will recommend dating apps like tinder and badoo that's the only way I know you can get what you want.