Does this make sense?

"i'm not stuck up nor do i play hard to get, i am hard to get because i know my value and i don't let men take advantage of me... Only a man with bad intentions will talk me down and call me stuck up or leave me because i won't have relations with him, a real man will respect me, value me, and take his time to get to know me, without expecting anything in return other than my heart/love/life and to be his wife... I'm not those females who give their all for nothing in return, i may accidentally fall deeply in love, with all my heart and be hopelessly devoted but i won't give my all (body, soul, heart, life) till he marries me...(yes there is a difference between loving someone with all your heart and giving that person your heart, when you love with all your heart you love that person so much and want to be with him but he doesn't have authority over you, when, you "give" someone your "heart" you're giving that person authority over you and allowing them to hurt you if they choose to) My love has a price and i'm not talking about money... I'm talking about Love, loyalty, patience, respect, fidelity and his life which is something very priceless..."

  • Yeah it does i understand it.
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  • Bravo! Demand respect and you'll always get it!


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  • Ok, it makes sense. Bravo for standing up for yourself.
    But please, don't send that to anyone. If you're trying to break up with a boyfriend or just telling a guy to go away, keep it simple.
    Or if you go ahead and do decide to send, please fix up the grammar. Capitalize your "I"'s. Fix the comma splices. Try some paragraphs.


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  • Maybe. What exactly are you talking about? It sounds as if you are conflating issues.

  • i fully value and support your opinion 👍


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  • I understand what is being said