I am terrified of dying young!! Am I the only only one?

I am only 23 years old but death is on my mind everyday! I am terrified of dying young!! Before I even turned 21, I was convinced that I was going to die at 21. I mean everyday, everywhere I go I'm always thinking about different ways I could possibley die. I can't even drive without thinking up a scenario on how I could die. Thats why I avoid the highway. I know it can happen anywhere but I feel a tiny bit safer if I don't lol. I can't go to a store, a bank or anywhere without thinking, what if some crazy person robs me or starts shooting everyone or some dumb shit. An I am definitly a hypochondriac. An I'm not scared of death I'm just scared of dying young.

I just wonder if anyone else feels this way. Especially someone who is older now and maybe thought this when they were younger. I know we are all going to die at some point but SOME of the reasons why people die are totally preventable.

Sorry if this is so long but the thoughts haunt me everyday. I just wonder if I'm alone.


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  • You probably have an anxiety disorder. If you can't keep it in check you might want medication lol over the summer I kept thinking I was gonna die. Then I researched it and just knowing that it's assiciated with anxiety helped me not think about it anymore 😂


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  • You sound like a small kid living in the body of 23year old.
    Go for sky diving.
    Face your fears. Fight your fears. Thats the best way out.
    If you're afraid that some carzy person will rob you then go learn martial arts. Prepare for the worst.
    Or maybe one day when you're 50, you'll be asking yourself "why didn't I go for it?".

    • I face my fears everyday but you're saying I should I get into a car accident, so I could face that fear? Or maybe I should get shot or raped. That'll help. Thanks for your rude and non helpful comment :)

    • BUT I do agree with you on learning martial arts! That might help me feel safer. Or maybe get a gun for protection. I don't think skydiving would help though lol

    • Relax.
      Not saying to get into a car accident, but drive safe. Be attentive on road. Well martial arts will make you feel secure if you fear getting raped.
      And you're 23! What makes you think you'll die young?
      Maybe start Yoga. It helps relax mind. Yeah its kind of boring but give it a try, it has helped hell lots of people. Hope it helps you.
      Keep trying different things and STOP thinking negative.

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  • Hahaha! I'm not! ; - )

  • you have deathophobia i think

  • You're probably too scared. However, being afraid of death is a natural instinct that all animals share in order to preserve life and reproduce. Just don't let anyone brainwash you into thinking that this life is worth nothing because you will have eternal life once you die. Cherish your life, it's the only one we have got according to all the evidence.

  • Oh bummer, whelp plenty of girls have been able to come to the conclusion to live their life without being afraid of death i am certain you could do it.