Should I still refund her money?

I'm selling puppies I'm a private dealer not a breeding company.. And this lady wanted a dog a she put a deposit down for half of what the puppy costs and would pay the rest in person... So yesterday she decided she doesn't want a dog anymore and asked for her money back... Before I give her the money back I first have to ask do I have any power on this? We didn't write out any contract or anything she gave me the money through money gram I feel that I'm at a lost because I've turned potential buyers just for her to want to flake out.. Do she deserves to get that back or should I just stay with how I feel and if she wants to sue me just fight it with all the facts and truth I have


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  • Depends, some people have a refundable deposit and some people say it's not. A deposit is a down payment on a service and it can be argued that it should be returned if the "service" was never provided... I think you are entitled to keep the deposit. It is your compensation for keeping the puppy on hold. However I hope what you're doing is ethical.


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  • Unless you told her the deposit is nonrefundable, you do need to give it back to her if you are able to sell that puppy. The deposit was to secure that specific puppy. Now, you are right she also prevented the sale of that puppy, so you have the right to keep the deposit. Catch 22. What I would do is tell her that her deposit was to hold that puppy. Tell her you will put the puppy back up for sale but you will keep the deposit until the puppy sells. At that time she will get her refund. If the puppy does not sell, she gets nothing back. Or, she may only get a partial refund if you cannot get full price for the puppy because it is now older and may have decreased in value.

    I ordered a new car once and had to make a $1000 deposit. They told me if anything happened and I changed my mind about the car that they would keep my $1000 only until they sold the car to someone else, then I would get my money back.