Why menism is looked at as joke?

When feminists, real ones can go on and show their causes and make nearly successful movement (I repeat real feminists). Why men can't join in for menism? Are you all this lazy? Or you just can't because it would effect your relationship with women? Are you this scared? Are you all really not so much as "men"? This is serious question, Don't give me because men don't care or women deal with more issues and stuff. we all know men equall deal with same stuff so why no equality?

We need stronger men Tbh for this moment which we lack right now or so I can tell from comments.


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  • Because menism was basically invented as a parody account of feminism to mock the movement.

    • No? Not real ones.

    • Not really. If you ignore the amount of women haters within the MRM, they do bring valid claims.

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  • They might rather identify as an egalitarian. Just like how some feminists, who do not agree with the third wave movement, would rather be an egalitarian. Still want equal human rights.


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  • meninism is a satire movement. it uses the exact arguments of extreme feminism, except it shifts gender of the issue from women to men, in a way to show that the argument is bad.
    If "We must X because men!" is a bad argument that should be laughed at, then, if men and women are inherently equal, "We must X because women!" is a bad argument too.
    The whole purpose of the JOKE that is meninism is to highlight the double think and the hypocrisy in the more extreme and more intolerant areas of modern feminism.

    So, you are either interested in the MRA, in general egalitarianism, or you're trolling.

  • To be honest both are just jokes at this point

    • Yea but menism was never looked as real moment

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    • Lol not with men like these (or maybe just here) But I don't want them to dominate with like force stopping women from doing things. More like equal force shall be maintained but men are weaker these days

    • Maybe because they are not chauvanistic assholes like back in the good old days

  • What issues do we as men have exactly?

    • what issues women have?

    • Rape, gender equlity, unable to express themselves bluntly and openly like men, sex trafficking and marriage abuse seen okay in the third world, little girls being refrained from being allowed to get an education in the third world. In general men have been the dominant, valued gender for way too long, hundreds of years. Woman need a movement to empower themselves to become seen as men's equals. Men just don't like giving up that power and create silly movement to maintain their position over woman.

  • You are implying that all men face the same problems and should join some kind of movenment? I dont understand what you are trying to get across here.
    Its like saying all women need to be feminist or they aren't women. Also do you think that menism is a joke? If not why go anonymous?

  • whats menism? do you mean the mras

    • Fighting for men's rights

  • Because it is one started up by a bunch of butthurt guys.

  • Menism isn't even a good joke , it's just a butt hurt patriarch 's view.

    • Or you are just a weak man that wanna agree with anything that can get you some attention from opposite gender?

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    • Getting personal isn't a valid argument.

    • You are also anonymous...