If a guy pays does that mean the girl is obligated to not stop talking?

I went to dinner with this one guy I met on an app. He told me he had no intentions of dating me but just wants to hang out... lol. I met up with him and I wasn't even into this guy as a friend. Also he is 11 years older than me and I felt like I was hanging out with like my dad's friend or something. Anyway he paid without me knowing and he keeps trying to hang out with me. I ignored his last 2 texts and fb message. He said he didn't want to date or saw me as someone he would date yet he calls me beautiful and babe, wtf? Should I feel like I have reply to him since he paid for me?


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  • he probably hasn't had much luck with women his age and is using you like a training dummy. if he makes a move then get out of there. if you don't want to be near him then you don't have to. if he paid for dinner then that was probably another 'practice session".

    • I ended up replying to his fb message saying that I could sense that he may want me even though he stated that he didn't in the beginning. He said he was on the fence so he did end up liking me somehow.

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    • I am just not talking to him anymore

    • that's great. as long as he doesn't stalk you or anything like that then everything should turn out OK :)

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  • No? You're not obligated to.


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  • If he paid FOR you, then I would like to know what brothel you are for sale in.

    If he paid your way, then don't worry about it. Paying for dates is a cost of doing business.

    And an 11 year age difference is not big. My girlfriend is 20.

    • It's not a big difference it just felt like it for whatever reason. My point was I wasn't enjoying his company.

    • Then don't worry about it. Just decline further dates so you are not stringing him along.

      In general, the polite thing to do is, as soon as you know how you feel about someone, whether it is "I am going to pull your clothes off in the next 30 minutes whether we are still sitting at this restaurant table or not" or "It's not going to happen", then make your intentions clear. Don't waste his time or yours.

    • I replied after reading his whole essay long fb message and said that I could sense that he may have wanted more than friendship and he admitted that he was on the fence.

  • Dads friend? You're 20 years old, stop acting like a child!

    • And how am I acting like a child? That isn't the main focus of the question anyway. Funny how you're calling me a child when you set yourself as anonymous. Sounds kinda CHILDISH to me.

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  • No. You don't owe him anything. Think of it like this, he paid for the date because you paid him your time. You're both even. You can ignore him if you want to, but makes sure he knows why.

  • You are not obligated to do anything for this man.