Is there any GAGer that you believe he/she is actually younger than their GAG age?

I don't mean extreme cases like 90+ which's an obvious lie... I mean in a range from 13 till 80...

Personally I believe jacquesvol adds many years... I can't believe he's 69 for some reason... I don't mean he's immature... but 69 seems to be a lot...


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  • I believe his age.
    Not every one is a spring chicken.

    • I mean 69 seems like a lot of life experience (and is) but anything compared to our ages would be considered almost deceased.
      I really think he has great wisdom and is young at heart <3

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  • I try not to judge... but many do act way younger than what is shown. i usually look at the xper points and cross reference that with their join date... usually works to expose catfish accounts.


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  • Recently I private message a girl and after a few days, she tells me her real age, and it was 2 or 3 years younger than her GaG age. When I asked her about the discrepancy, she said that the reason she did it, was because she doesn't like to put her real info public on the internet.