Could it be Depression?

I am usually happy and fine, but sometimes i suddenly become extremely sad with no reason and start crying and see everything in a dark light. like... the world is falling around me. and after that... in a a few hours i am fine again like nothing had happened. what is this? is happening for years. i never got the money for a psychologist... they are so expensive in my country that i have to stop eating anything but bread just to afford an hour a week.


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  • It's almost certainly not depression. Depression is very different. Many people (especially young people) mistake sadness for depression. Depression is something much more severe and it's on-going. For example one typical feature of depression is that you can't get up and out of the house in the morning. I once had this as a side-effect of some very strong medication. It's different from just feeling lazy or tired... it's more like, you just CAN'T get out there. It's very hard to explain. It feels like you're literally gonna have a panic-attack or a heart attack if you have to step outside. Also, another typical symptom of depression is that you sleep all the time (much more than other people). Not all people with depression do this but many. It's usually a way of coping. And finally, many people with depression (though not all) experience on-going thoughts about suicide.

    What you are feeling sounds more like a hormonal imbalance. If you feel that it harms your daily life, I would definitely have it checked out by a specialist but I really don't think it's depression.
    I see you're from Sweden. I'm almost certain that psychological therapy is covered by your health care. I'm from Switzerland and psychological therapy is covered by my health care here. Also, if you attend a university, I would look out for a Uni-intern psychological office/help desk. At my university, we have free psychological therapy for all students and doctorates. You can just go there and ask them for an appointment. I would be very surprised if Sweden doesn't have something like that.

    • i am from sweden but i am not swedish and i dont have the right for health care. i can't even go to hospital... in case of something. plus the psychologists in my area are well known for being the worst from the whole country. I am not a student anymore... i quited school because of these moods. i just couldnt deal with them in the late few months before. they were happening everyday... Now i got on bc pill and i thought maybe its because of that. but i was having them before too... so i dont know... i can't go to a doctor... and my boyfriend is for real depressed. he is declared that is suffering from depression. and its very hard to live with someone who has this... especially when you have moods like this yourself

    • Where are you from? Do you have a regular visa that allows you to temporarily or permanently stay in Sweden? Cuz if you do, aren't you required to have a health care insurance? My girlfriend comes from South Korea and she has a temporary residence permit and in order to even get this permit and be allowed to stay in the country more than 90 days, she had to get a Swiss health care insurance.

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  • Could you talk to your doctor about it?


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  • it could be a lot of thing. anything from hormonal swings to just normal mood swings.. but it does sound like depression and its good that you see the change in your self. my suggestion is to see if there is any free clinics that can help you understand and overcome it.

  • No I am have Been like that a few days.. But I am normally happy for a extended period of time and then sometimes I feel like what you feel but not that extreme...

    Looks like mood swing...
    Do you get all sad when you see/hear things that you don't like or scared of?


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