Is there any way to get over the fear of death besides acceptance?

Lately I've been consumed with the thought that I one day will never exist again and that everything I know will be gone and I won't even know it... It has been so depressing that I've almost been at the point of tears... I know it's silly but... I've been doing so much biological study to figure out if there is a way to prevent death or aging technically, that I rarely sleep... I feel like if everyone was as concerned with the thought then we would have found a way by now. Sports, entertainment, media etc would be meaningless before the cause.


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  • become Death...

  • "I'm gonna go out the way I came in. Screaming and kicking."
    "Lister, you can't whack death on the head!"
    "If he comes near me I'll rip his nipples off."
    - Lister and Rimmer, RD0102 "Future Echoes"

  • Look, when you die you won't know it. Right now, you are alive. Go out and do what you want and let other people do what they want because one day it will be over. Screw stupid people or problems. Live as best as you can.