Why did she suddenly become rude towards me?

I'm kind to everyone and I have this classmate (I was kind to her too if you may think that she was an exception) that suddenly started to make mean comments towards me whenever I'm just around her (not even talking to her). I can't think of anything that I might have done to her recently or something... Do you have any idea? @.@
P. S.: I'm not trying to make a big deal out of this, I'm just curious why since I can't find a reason.


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  • bad influence from other people... she might be friends with people who don't like you. that's the only thing I can think off without knowing any details. I experienced that in my circle of friends too...1 person talks bad about someone all the time for whatever and soon the other ones think bad of him too even though they had no problems with that person before

    • This might be a reason. :-?

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    • but that's just a one-time-show... crying over not getting MHO, that you can do every day :P

    • But the pleasure of seeing our Romanian teacher burn, I wouldn't miss that for anything. :")

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  • You will find people like that in every corner of the world. Don't let her comments get to you, she doesn't even play that big of a role in your life, so why should being nice to her matter at all?

    • I know, but I'm nice to everyone out of courtesy and yeah, she doesn't even just let me alone, has to be rude just to be, that's why it's too high this logic for me.


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  • Well. I am sure she has her reasons, but then if she doesn't want to tell you then she won't tell you.

  • Just bitchslap her and leave
    World don't need kind people :P

    • How about we bitch slap your dumbass

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    • @Jayjax211233
      You should give it a try if you have guts
      @Asker see I'm learning to be calm and these types of people wants some kicks on ass

    • I was trying to be nice and stick up against dumb answers

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