Do I have the right to feel this way?

On Friday I saw a photo of my best friend posing in a selfie with the girl who rejected me. She rejected me because she felt that it was too early for a relationship and we should give it time. I took sometime off as I felt awkward. I took the rejection well at first. After the whole thing we hung out together at my place. I asked if there might be a chance that we will be together and she said yes. When we went off to University/College, we became distant. Now after a 2 months of being distant I see my best friend posing in selfie with her on facebook. I brushed it off as her just being friendly. But now I see that he put the photo as his profile pic on Whatsapp.

I now feel, sad, angry and confused? Do I have the right to be this way?


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  • Well, you still don't know what that means. Maybe they are just good friends. I've been in the profile pics of my guy friends.

    Now, if it really is more than friends and they start dating, just a few things to keep in mind: you certainly have a right to be upset that your best friend is now dating this girl you liked. But keep in mind, you became distant with her. You stopped pursuing her. So to your buddy, it looks like you are no longer interested in her and therefore okay for him to date her. If he knew what your feelings were for her, then it would have been nice of him to give you a head's up that he started talking to her, but like I said they may not even be in any kind of relationship yet. The pic could be harmless.


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  • Of course you do. Your feelings are your feelings.