Why is life so unfair to me?

ok i am a girl. From the last two years my life is being a roller coaster to me... i have been suffering from inside... everything i do turns into a downfall... i can't concentrate on anything... my parents they are losing hope on me... my academic level is also going too low... my friends are leaving my side... i am a loner now... meanwhile am suffering from this 'brainfog' which is not letting me to be my real self... it's quite getting difficult for me... because of this'brainfog'... actually am suffering a lot... my boyfriend broked up with me a few months ago... and he said that' i wasn't like the one whom he knew before'... my life is completely turned into a mess... but i still hope that everything will be just sorted out one day... just going with the flow... hoping for the positive... because i am never among the ones who gives up so easily even in the harsh situations of life!!! please drop any kind of advice... if you really wanna help me...


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  • Well life will throw you good things and some bad things...

    But I think you are depressed! Are you? Cause you boyfriend said you are not same anymore... So maybe your are sad? Your said you are suffering from inside...
    Hey you can PM me.. If you wanna talk

    • No dude... am not depressed... if i had been depressed i haven't had the strength to be positive... and adding to the fact that am a very positive person, i don't spare time for depressions to get drown on me!!!

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    • thanks for answering!!!

    • Welcome :)

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  • People change through their live and we grow away from people, we don't keep the friends we have in school forever, so for now don't stress too much about relationships with people of your age, don't make it your main focus. Rather shift your focus to your school work and getting your parents to see that you are trying. Those are the most important. Eventually you will figure out and everything will make sense. For now, you just do what is important. And just remember change is growth, if we always stayed the same, we'll never grow as humans and what is the point then. But yeah continue being strong and not giving up. Everything will get better.

    • yeah... am a very optimistic person as far as i know myself... and giving up has been never in my cup of tea... well thanks for the encouragement!!! i gotta try try again until and unless i suceed!!!

    • I really admire your positivity and think it is a really good quality. Good luck with everything and I hope everything will be better soon.


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  • It's called "hormones". Don't worry about it, as it will pass in a few years. Like others said, hit the books and don't worry about the social histrionics your peers are going through.

    • yeah... you are right!!!

  • Because bad luck.

    • Bad luck? well genuinely saying... i don't believe on this' luck' related things!!!

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  • Puberty and it's hormones. Try to look at the 'bright side of life', think positive and maybe things will get better. Yea. Bye.

  • Work on yourself and your school work. That's a big priority. Friends and relationships can wait. There's nothing wrong with being a loner.

    You're a teenager, these things in life happen.

    • yahh... being positive!!!

    • Exactly! :)