I don't have a crush on any boy and now I'm not really interesed in boys. Maybe it's 'couse of my Ex? What is wrong with me?


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  • wow at 13 you already have an ex.. you should just be enjoying your teen years.. dating and all that will come later when you are fully ready for it.. I knew this girl in elementary school who was like that at 13.. she became a young single mother at just over 14.. she regrets it to this day.. oh and by the way when the father found out he got her pregnant.. he ran faster then a speeding bullet.. look before you leap.. not leap before you look

    • yea but I am not like that (still a virgin)

    • Yes but some guy could talk you into sex.. that is what most guys want from a sweet girl like you sound to be.. that is all it takes is one time to get pregnant.. and once the guy gets it from you he will run off to the next girl/woman

    • yeah.. thanks for calling me sweet from your saying I think I'm not getting into realationship till I'm 16-17.


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  • It's normal to go through periods in your life where you don't have a crush or strong interest in guys. There's nothing wrong with you :)

  • You're still very young, let time take its role :)