Interpret my dream for me?

I played The Park last night, at 3 AM (because I'm an idiot who likes to get spooked, and the funhouse section inspired a stupid dream.

Have fun reading.

So do started off pretty typical. I'm doing a stupid thing to achieve a stupid goal in the stupidest way. I was swimming through this channel, it had this thing over the water to keep me coming up for air but at both ends there was a hole so I could breathe freely, but I didn't because if I did then 'they' would catch me (whoever they were). I couldn't touch the stuff on the water, but there were ball things in the stuff that I needed but I couldn't grab them because if I did the stuff would hurt me.

Then im on a bus. I'm at a house. There's a party, then I'm in the house and it's dark and I'm scared. I'm running.
there's a ghost. It wants me, and I'm screaming but I'm really calm and at the same time terrified. I get to the laundry and in a mirror that looks like a window the ghost appears and it looks like my mum. I try to open the back door but it's locked, so to open it I put a dead body in the laundry sink? It must have shrunk because it fit perfectly but it was definitely an adult.

The back door opens, which was a bad idea because now the ghost is out. I run, and it takes a forever to get to the front yard. I learn somehow that to get to me, the ghost needs my sisters jacket. But in this dream my sister wasn't my sister but one of my friends.

Then the ghost chases is around a while before she finally gets the jacket, but when she gets it the jacket turns into a plaid suit and age no longer looks like a ghost. But not like my mum anymore either

thats ts pretty much where I woke up.

What at do you reckon?


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  • Dreams have no meaning its just your thoughts and chemicals in your brain causing you to dream.


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  • Probably just still on your mind as you were falling asleep.


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  • You are the best to interpret your dreams.

  • You will die alone.


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