Is it wrong that cops mostly ask younger people if they were drinking when they pull people over and not older people like my father?

My dad was going through a DUI checkpoint and I told him to avoid it and turn but he comments I'm an old man they won't question me even if I have a few beers. He wasn't drunk but had 3 beers in an hour and I had about 3 beer and 2 shots in the same time. The cop breathalized him and said he blew.06 and seemed fine and then said "im glad your taking care of your boy tonight it looks like he has had a good time. I'm glad my dad didn't get a DUI but my point is why does age determine how cops treat a person? Is it fair that they do that?


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  • A lot of people link age with maturity. Your father is less likely to get drunk out of his mind at a party and then try to drive home.

    • Well I have had a couple drinks at a bar and sobered up and drove home responsibility but I have seem hammered older women and men stumbling out of bars so I don't think it's fair to assume such a thing based on age.

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  • It depends on the cop and on the state law. For instance California has a "wet and reckless" law where if you are between.05 and.07 you can still get a charge on you. It's not as bad as a DUI but you still get charged.


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