How do you stop being addicted to something?

Okay so I am totally addicted to Supernatural. It is an amazing show and I love it but, my life is being effected by it. When the lights flicker I freak ouit and yell "Grab The Salt!" and everything around me has now become a demon in disquise. Please help me. I am addicted for many reasons the main one is it is a great show but one of them is because my celebrity crush (Jensen Ackles) is in it.How do you stop being addicted to something?


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  • To break any addiction you have to eventually remove it from your life.


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  • Logic thinking and self discipline.
    I'm addicted to chocolate, mom and dad put chocolate for me in the house, but I'll myself sick in it.

  • Being addicted to a CW show, god it's problably worse then cocaine. At least cocaine is much more rewarding.

    • Someone who understands the pain

    • Watch Vikings. Ragnar is way cooler than these teenage sex idols. And then there's Lagerha.

    • Well I don't really watch it for Dean and Sam , I watch it because I like being scared and it is a really good series but I watch it to often

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