Ok fellow nerds, Star Trek question?

The Enterprise D has over ONE THOUSAND crew aboard so...

1: Why do they constantly send the 3 MOST IMPORTANT people (the bridge crew) down to the surface for the away missions?

2: The Enterprise is the Federation's flag ship so why is it almost effortless to board and capture the ship? Prime example: It was taken over by Ferengi scavengers.

That is all.


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  • Don't let your anger at these salient points prevent your ability to live long and prosper.


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  • 1. Because it wouldn't be as interesting if a team of redshirts beamed down on away missions all the time.

    2. Because the universe likes to make Worf its bitch. Poor Worf. Though you could also argue that the crew of the Enterprise D is actually THAT incompetent.

    For more answers, check out SFDebris, he's got interesting views on the Star Trek universe. Especially if it's about Voyager...


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  • 1. Because it'd be expensive to hire more than 3 well known actors to make it acceptable to send others
    2. Episode content


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