In Pokemon, do you agree that Fairy type is Light type?

The title says it all. So my friend has been obsessed with Light type being added to Pokemon for a while now. And I just disagree and think it's a bad idea, because Fairy type basically already is Light type. Fairies are the light themselves. The only thing that's off putting is Fairy being represented by pink, perhaps light yellow/beige or white would be better. But Fairy is Light type.

Fairy really is Light type, think about it, almost all the Fairy type moves are all light based. Moonlight, Moon Blast, Dazzling Gleam, and Light Of Ruin. And it's weak to Steel, because Steel reflects Light. It's not very effective to Fire, because shining Light on Fire won't do much at all. Bug is not very effective against it because Bugs fly near Light but often die. And it's strong to Dark because good always beats evil.

And then they just added a bit of pixie dust to it to balance out the types. Dragon was too strong, and since in fairy tales dragons always lose, Fairy is strong against it. Fighting was a bit too strong too, and there's not much logic in this one, but how could you hit such a cute little fairy full of light and goodness? Fairy is strong against it. And Poison was too weak, and since poison kills fairies, it's super effective against them.

And yeah, that's all. Overall, do you agree with Fairy being Light type? I sure do. Light was a popular fan requested type for years ever since gen 2 where Dark was released. And so Pokemon finally did it, they just added a hint of pixie dust to balance out Dragon (especially) and Fighting being too strong, and Poison being too weak.

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  • I clicked the wrong answer...


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  • Fairy is basically a Light type, yes. Maybe Light would have been the better term to use, and I'm sure the use of Fairy was contended and Light was the runner-up.

    I wouldn't dig too deep into the meanings. All that matters is that the metagame remains balanced and interesting. Fairies add an interesting twist, although I have yet to add one to either my OU or UU teams.

    • Light would be a better term, but it really wouldn't help bring any balance to the types, so they made it Fairy type.


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  • Fairies are fairies, Light could be holy things like angels and what not.
    Besides there is the Ghost type which is pretty damn dark but still not THE Dark type.

  • Yes and no, but mostly yes.

  • Sounds intense.