How can I start feeling better about myself?

So here it goes. I'm 17 and my life has been falling to pieces for years. For starters my dad was an emotionally, financially and physically abusive burden on my life for years until I broke down and just ran away. I haven't had a boy so much as kiss me since I was fifteen. I was bullied and harrassed at my job, which I ended up quitting. My little brother doesn't even care about me anymore. I have one friend and I feel like I'm just a burden on her. I've gained 10 pounds, and I walk around thinking about my weight constantly, not a second goes by that I don't hate every inch of my body. I rarely sleep more than four hours a night and strenuously workout, along with not eating most of the day. And I've cried while writing this, the whole time, because the truth of my life is just so hard to talk about.
How can I make myself happy again?

I'm sorry if this question is too much


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  • You need to find someone who likes you as you are without any modification , i hope that one day when i meet the right girl , that i will never care about her body nor anything about her ; i will shower her with love

    If and onlu if you find this then you will be happy , i say this because i have the same issue body-wise , wether its dick or face..


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  • I feel the same... Everyone has their own way but what I do to get rid of all that stress and worries is head to the gym and workout. You should try see if it helps and not because you gained weight but to relieve stress. Or just find a hobby or just relax. You can talk to me if you want I can try to help just pm me ☺

  • Therapy and meditation help me. Sounds like you had a rough go of things. Don't give up! You're worth it!


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