Should I start telling the online male chess and checkers players to stop flirting too much with me?

Ever since they all found out I was a female chess and checkers player on that playing site, several of them started flirting with me (even asking if they can be my bf) instead of focusing more on the game and making challenging positions for me like now.

When they didn't know I was a girl, I almost beat a master on two different occasions. Both were missed wons and he got a lucky draw, to which he later on told me where my mistake was. Now a couple of them aren't playing me like before.

All that commotion just for being a girl on that site. I get I'm one of the very few female players but still, I like a good challenge.


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  • How can u drink u coffee if u don't put it in d cup.


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  • We're still not at a period where you can compete with guys who know you're a girl and get away clean. Either make it absolutely clear you're there to kick their asses and not date (pretend you have a boyfriend and rant on about how sweet and wonderful he is, it might shut them up), or use another account and don't reveal your gender.