What are the most important qualities in a leader?

Charisma is what is naturally valued most by humans, typically. Like cults that pop up around one charismatic leader. It doesn't matter how full of shit s/he is or even if s/he asks the followers to kill themselves--s/he has charisma, personal magnatism, so they follow.

I was thinking. My dad always calls me a "leader". But really, I'm just stubborn and dislike people being in control of me. I don't have charisma. I have force of will. But my best friend I grew up with had something. He was quiet. But when he spoke, everyone in our group shut up and listened. He wasn't popular at school though, so it's not charisma. And he was insecure and cowardly. But he had *something* to where everyone paid attention to him when he talked.

So what was it that he had? I can't figure it out.

In any case, what do you think the most important qualities are in a leader? Either in a social setting or business setting or anything else, generally or specifically.


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  • A good leader knows how best to motivate and utilize his subordinates to achieve a goal. Technically, anyone in a position of authority is a leader. It's not easy to be a leader because you have to balance your personality and force. In away you have to push people toward a general direction as a leader.


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  • i don't know... but from your description of yourself, you are probably just opposed to authority.
    one of the most important qualities of a leader is to know when to make the "hard" calls... you know.. the one where everyone hates you at first... then everything works out later.

  • the most important value in a "leader" is that he is not above the dirty, hard work. he will work with his subordinates doing the same thing but being the element of the group who makes the decisions and is the best at the job.

    if you donĀ“t do that, you are just a boss, not a leader.

  • Stubbornness is a big sign of controlling-ness or leadership