Is this embarrasing?

So I was at the gym talking to a friend of mine and then one her friends come and we were just talking about movies and where he works and all. Then they went to the cardio and I left cause I finished gymming. As I was leaving I realised I didn't have my earplugs, so I went up to the gym and then I found them and then I see a guy I thought he was the guy I spoke to with my friend and then he is looking at me so I say hi and then he says hi and then I ask him what do you do exactly and then he says I work with my dad and then I am like didn't you say you worked at this... place and then he is like no that another guy. I was like ooh okay and then he is like you are in the media industry, i am like yes, ... is a good place to work at. I am so embarrased, do you think he must have told that other guy about what happened otherwise it would not have even mattered to him?

Guys, are you sure this isn't embarrassing?


What Guys Said 1

  • Eh, not really. He was probably just happy you actually said hi and talked to him.

    • maybe, i think he did. but i shushed him away, cause i was embarrassed anyway. :P

What Girls Said 2

  • Trust me, he spent no time thinking about that at all.
    You mistook him for someone else... that's a common mistake that happens to every one in everyday life.

  • Sorry I couldn't make sense of the question.

    • In short I mistook him for someone else.

    • I wouldn't even worry about it at all. He won't have given a single thought to it in any way. I have 3 brothers and lots of male cousins and this type of thing wouldn't even enter their thoughts. So no, not embarrassing.

    • Thank you! :)