How do you feel about little wayne dying in a couple weeks?

little wayne is a famous rapper
personally i dont hate the guy i actually like some of his old music
but some of his music is too dirty for me

he announced he only has 4 weeks to live
he was told by his doctor and his doctor told him to live the rest of his life to the fullest

How do you feel about little wayne dying in a couple weeks?

Its sad honestly
he's only 33.

he's spending the last days of his life in africa,
and he cut all of his hair off i heard
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  • Its sad..
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  • Don't care.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Dude, I'm pretty sure that that's satire, considering it's from a site called 'satirenews' and it was posted about 7 months ago and he's still alive :P

    • thats what i thought but i saw it on other websites

    • Definitely satire. It was probably other people getting fooled by it too, I wouldn't worry about it if I was you. Like I said, it literally says 'satire' in the URL and that was written 7 months ago so he'd be dead by now.

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  • Never was a fan of his music but it's always sad when someone dies.


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  • Not real... Haha
    If I were dying I wouldn't post my 'sad photo' on Twitter,,, + it's April fool's day soon.

  • I think it's sad 😰 Sorta

  • I wouldn't care though this is a hoax.


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