Any good Ancient Egyptian culture documentaries you guys know about?

My brother is a history buff, especially about Ancient Egypt and the things that come out of his mouth regarding that civilization ca be extremely intriguing. I would like to learn more about it through some documentaries (now I know what you're thinking, don't trust video documentaries, but I just can't do online articles. They bore me to death) but I can't find any about what I want. It's all Pyramid shit.

Pyramids this,
Pyramids that.

I'm sick of hearing about nothing but the damn pyramids. I wanna learn aout the culture, how the society worked, the sciences they used, the religion they had, the daily life of the people. You guys seen any docs on that by chance?


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  • Not a documentary, but *relatively* well researched is "Rome" on HBO. A lot of it takes place in Egypt. It's fiction though.

  • Ancient aliens and series "TUT" are good.