What is ONE Chivalrous trait you would like to bring back and ONE that you want to get rid of in Society?


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  • I'm basically in favor of all things where you're genuinely being a nice person as a guy. For example I always let my girlfriend (or female friends) order first when we eat out in a restaurant. I just think that's a nice gentleman-thing to do. Another thing that perhaps applies more to the American context than my own country is that you walk your date to her door without expecting her to actually take you upstairs and have sex with you. It should just be a thing you do out of politeness and good intention.
    These and similar traits of chivalry should definitely be brought back.

    Things I'm very much against are situation where you lower yourself as a man and take a woman's own responsibility off her shoulders. To name one example: I generally don't lend my coat or hoody to my girlfriend when we're out and she's cold. The reason for this is not that I'm a mean guy but I want to think of her as an adult person. Every time before we go out, I make sure to ask her if she'll be okay or if she wants to wear something warmer. If she says to me "no, no, I'm gonna be fine" then I want to be able to trust her judgement. If she was my little, 5-year old daughter, it would be a totally different thing. Children frequently can't judge situations correctly and it's not their fault. As a responsible dad, it would be my job to keep my little daughter warm even if she misjudged a situation. But my girlfriend isn't my daughter. She's the same age as me and has the same emotional and mental capacity to judge a situation. I don't get a free pass if I dress too lightly, so I don't think a woman should. I think it's better to let her freeze and hopefully she'll learn from it and wear something different next time.

  • chivy thing? hmm I don't know, i didn't think any of it was really gone, not in my world at least.

    i could do with less vain af people though lol