What is the big deal about thongs?

all of a sudden there are a bunch of questions about thongs. thongs are just underwear! seriously just underwear. nothing more, nothing less. just underwear. i never see questions about boxers, yet there are a lot of questions about thongs. there is nothing special about them, nothing sexual about them, nothing unique. simply underwear. i dont know why its become like the new interesting topic.


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  • It's probably being asked more than once by an under 18-er curious about thongs in disguise, I'm willing to bet.

    • yeah probably. but i just do not get whats the big deal. i've been wearing them since i was like 12 and never saw anything special about them, its like talking about bras. everyone's wearing them its nothing special


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  • I like them. They're comfortable for me. That's it.

  • Lol, I don't know. Thongs aren't that interesting.