Question about how to use maxi pads?

The wingless pads, when I'm walking around throughout the day, the blood ends up going on the sides of my underwear, because where there isn't any wings to wrap around the whole part of the underwear there is blood on each side.
Am I doing it wrong? All I do is stick the pad on the middle of the underwear, but I still get blood on the sides!


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  • I think try them with a thinner cut of undercrackers


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  • i cannot stand wingless pads oh my goodness. if my husband ever makes that mistake imma teach him a lesson 😂

    nah wingless pads just SUCK. they aren't practical. they're better for times when u aren't moving that much, say at a cocktail party or a cafe date. still, i always go with wings.

    • I know they do suck, it's okay though I bought some long winged pads today. No more blood stained underwear.

    • PerfectπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


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  • It happens when you don't buy the winged pads. Aim to buy them. Then you won't have that problem of it leaking on the sides

  • It sounds like a problem with your brand.

    • No because it happens with every wingless brand I use. I stick it on, and blood still goes on to the sides of the pad onto my underwear.