I miss my cat is he okay?

okay so i had my cat for like 2 years and i loved him so much. he helped me with my depression, made me happy, was there when no one else was etc. my father and mother are divorced and i live with my mother. my father comes to our house to stay for a while sometimes because he lives away and has business here. he usually stays for a week then goes. he always says i should give my cat away. 5 days ago when i come home i realised something wasn't right. i searched everywhere but couldnt find my cat. when i asked my father he told me HE GAVE MY CAT AWAY.
and cry all the time
i want to find him and get him back home where he belongs but i know my father will kill me if i do it. he hates me so much.
what should i do? i want my cat to be happy. he always stayed indoors. he never got out he doesn't know how to survive. is it instinct? do allcats know eating

im so sorry for not giving you so many details because i tried to write them and they turned out really bad you wouldn't understand even if you read it. and sorry for my mistakes its because English is not my native language

AND i forgot to tell you that my cat had upper respiratory tract infection he was so sick that he never got out of bed and eaten anything we gave him some pills the vet gave us and he got healthier again. is it possible that he gets it again?


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  • If he turned the cat out or gave it to a shelter, the fact that he was so loved will go a long way to finding a good home. He will be drawn to humans if he is out, having learned to depend on them for food and shelter. Whoever finds him will realize he is sick and human nature will cause them to take him to the vet to receive meds.

    Animals are resilient. My GSD ran away and was found 15 miles away. During the week he was gone, the phone calls kept pouring in of him being in the woods, begging food at farms, running the fields. He just didn't want to be caught! When I finally got him, he was perfectly fine and ready to go home, none the worse for the experience.


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  • cats can adapt to the solitary urban/stray life a ok better than dogs. as long as your cat had no health issues you have nothing to worry about it.

  • Cats go and hide places when they die so look any ware he could have hide but cats natural know how to hunt


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  • Wait, what do you mean by gave him away? Like put him out on the streets or sold him to a new owner?

    • he gave him to a man he knows. the man has water and food on his balcony (1st floor) cats come and eat there and sometimes get in his house from the window in the balcony and sleep there. my father said when he got my cat out of the car he ran to the house and he couldnt find him. my mother went to look for him twice but she said she didn't see my cat. we think that he is in the house but we are not sure because the man is a little crazy and never lets anyone to get in his house except cats.

    • It sounds like he probably does care about animals though, seeing as a lot of cats hang around there. Your cat is probably okay.