Do you ever just want someone to fight/disagree with you?

Sometimes when I have an opinion and share it, I want someone to disagree with me so I can further explain my point. Anyone else agree or am I crazy?

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  • There have been times when I wanted a conversation to go deeper and continue because of the subject so I wanted someone to disagree so I could keep talking trying to make my point. Makes the argument fun.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Where's the point in that, if i'm right and they believe i'm wrong no amount of arguing is going to change their mind, sometimes it's not always about being/proving you're right, or about having the last word, you can't change what people think, only how you deal with them disagreeing with what you think, bow out gracefully, not waste time and energy on flogging a dead horse.


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  • All the time

    • I love arguing and I hate it when people take the high road.

What Girls Said 1

  • nah, i'm not big on confrontation.