Do you think that how much we care about someone else is based on how well we know them?

Sometimes I feel that a lot of the people I've met who may have behaved in atrocious ways I realize now maybe they didn't feel that bad behaving a particular way because they don't really know me, or vice versa.

I wonder if that's how people's moral compass works: the longer you know someone the more likely you are to care about your actions and the way it affects the person at the other end.


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  • I think the more you get to know someone the more relaxed and less intense it becomes. A fine example is your parents or close friends, you might do things that you wouldn't do in front of a stranger. Its all about developing familiarity, and confidence to express yourself more naturally and be more outwards. Obviously meeting someone new completely restricts your actions because you have to take into account all of the social factors such as age, gender, culture, religion, ethnicity, social status. Hope that cleared things up for you :)

  • Certainly knowing someone better will help you care about them. But here's another angle.

    You might think it would be the opposite but interesting studies have been done that show we develop an affinity for people to whom we have shown kindness. That kindness can be in the form of investing time, gifts or favors.

    So almost anything you do to "invest" in another persons life will end up helping you like them more.


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  • Well, sometimes I have an immediate connection with someone. Sometimes you like the "idea" of what that person shows you, and you necessarily don't know too much about them.
    I try not to allow myself to be fooled however, and give things time for "true" feelings to formulate.

    Usually, it's common people tend to care more with time.
    But for me, it happens off of the bat usually.
    If I click well with you, and I feel that you are loyal, I care for you.
    Time will only make our bond become stronger.