Why Were These Handymen Laughing At Me?

Lemme explain it in detail. I was 14, a real mammas boy, and she was due to give me my pocket money, but she had an appointment at a mobile breast-scanning clinic, and, thinking she'd be inside and about to come out, I stood up against this large pink bus, parked outside my small towns library, and waited for her.

Didn't think much of it, until I looked to my right, and the tradesmen in the library had dropped everything they were doing to stand at the window and laugh hysterically at me (I could tell by their faces.) I tried to ignore them, but it became too much, and I started to think that people driving by on the busy street next to me were thinking aweful things so I got up and just laid down on the nearby grass, only discover my mum wasn't even in the fucking thing! Oh cruel irony. I told her everything above, and she laughed her head off.

So why were these handymen laughing at me? What do you think they were thinking?


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  • I guess, seeing a man stand by a pink bus was funny. They are just being stupid. Its not like if you fell in dog shit or wore the color pink. Some people have bad taste in humor.

  • They didn't have lives and liked to laugh at children? I don't know

  • maybe they talked about somthing and laughed and u thought they laughed at u


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