Who are you and how do you see yourself?

I may look strong but I am weak

I may look beautiful but I feel ugly

I may look happy but I am sad

I may look sweet but I am bitter
I may look peaceful but I am hurtful

Who are you?


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  • I am strong , because I've been weak

    I am brave , because I've been afraid

    I can smile to hide my pain

    I can laugh to fight back my tears

    I am wise , because I've been foolish


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  • I'm furniture. Content in being of use, of bringing comfort, of being around others, and being something people can find support and stability from. Often ignored, taken for granted, but remains there all the same. Worn after years of use, maybe broken. Changing owners, who might accept the broken me as is, or maybe build me up again. Reshape me in a better way sometimes, and in a bad way other times. Sometimes people move, and suddenly I don't fit in anymore or stand out too much. So I change again, be who can use me or my form. Impressionable, content in living to serve. I hold memories. Sometimes mine, sometimes others. Always fearing that someone has forgotten, yet I always remember.

    But I'm also a paradox of a human.
    Everything I love, I hate. Everything I hate, I love.
    I can find happiness in my sorrow, sorrow in my happiness.
    I live to serve others, but I know how to respect myself.
    I'm proud of my humility, and humiliated by my pride.
    I can be a logical realist as well as a naive idealist
    Or a naive realist and a logical idealist
    Pessimistic sometimes and optimistic others
    I'm a balancing act, and one of these days, I may fall

  • - i may be kind but should not see it a weakness
    - i see the best in people even though they might not see it in them selves
    - I'm average but that doesn't make me any less attractive
    - i can be taken at face value because i have nothing to hid about myself
    - my life is an open book all you have to do is turn the page and keep reading my life's stories.
    - if there is something you want to know all you have to do is ask the right question
    - a big heart but there's not always someone worthy of the love it has to offer

  • Who am I? I am Iron Man Protector of man kind

    How do I see myself? The Peoples Champion

  • I may look strong but I am strong
    I may look mean but I'm really nice
    I'm 35 but I look 25

    I am BeerFarts

  • I am an addict. An undisciplined, narcissistic addict. My life is a mess.

    I would like to be someone who is a bit more in control of myself. I would like to be honest. I can be honest on GAG, but irl I don't dare. I'm scared I'll end up completely alone, or hurt people's feelings and drive everyone away.

  • i may look strong but i am a lot weak too

    i may look happy but im miserable

    i may look sweet but im a angry person too.

    i may look calm but im fighting with myself all the time.

    • It's so hard to act strong

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    • well, life sucks and it gets only worst. so just hope for the best and ready for the worst.

    • K Have a nice day!

  • i hate whining and whiners, what happens to me i take it and move on, i have some regrets but i don't linger on them, i don't know what happens next and i frankly dont think about it i focus on what is happening right now.

  • I am something beneath my mask I am an idea and ideas are bulletproof

  • I'm a lonely old fart.


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  • I'm a mess, trying to figure out life! But I'm getting there hehe! Slowyly but surely ! I want to be in touch with my emotions and feelings and stop playing games with myself and people! If I have a feeling in my heart or something in my, head I will spill it and not keep it in my heart!

  • I am Char. A chubby ass, plain jane with a fucked up past and an foggy future.