Is this normal?

I just started a new job at a fast food joint and everyone gossips about everyone else and I know for a fact that they gossip about me behind my back. I feel uncomfortable working here because of how mean they are I just wanted to know whether this type of gossiping and drama is normal or not?


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  • As far as I understand, everyone talks behind your back, just like you talk about people when they're not there. They could be shitty things, but honestly, as far as no one is actually giving you a hard time, it's probably not even worth it to worry about it.


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  • I worked at McDonalds for four years and yes... happened daily. This worker would talk about how that worker wasn't doing there job. That p

    • yeah but at my work place everyone talks sh*t about a select group of people

    • That probably happens at lots of places. Even I on occasion gossiped about others, not proud that I did it... it's kinda childish

    • Yea that's not cool. Kinda seemed like that at the place I worked though.