I don't get excited about men anymore, or want to try anything with any guy at all right now... Is this alright or abnormal?

I'm 21... My longest and only relationship was 4 months a year ago with someone 9 years older than me... He became increasingly angry and acted out, jealous, and ridiculed all I did. I broke things off and didn't look back until I learned he cheated on me throughout the time we were together.

but I was over it. Then I had a sexual partner for 3 months.. I grew attached and he didn't. He was only interested in one nighters but enjoyed stringing me along I guess. He really broke my heart... I lost myself trying to make him love me, need me, want me in how I wanted him. He lied to me and hurt me more than anyone has, I won't go into it.

A couple weeks ago I got over him. I literally woke up one morning and had no feelings left for him and realized he no longer had anything to offer me.

Now, I have 20-25 guys asking me out or talking to me. Because I am, er, good looking if I must admit, I get attention from the males. But I don't trust guys at all. I don't wish to be sexually used again. But not only that.. When I talk to guys I don't find excitement or novelty in any of them. I've gone on a few dates, had a small thing with a rebound guy... He tells me he has fallen for me... and I am emotionless. Even when I see guys I would normally crush on and grow fuzzy about, I feel nothing. All I feel is love for my family and self. I used to daydream about meeting the perfect match for me, building something with someone else, etc... Now I don't believe in any of it and I think it's all garbage. It makes me sad because I want to believe or get excited from guys again, but I'm just not.

Is this a problem?


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  • you have been thew a lot in a short order of time. sometimes its better just to take time for your self and not even look for a relationship untill you get emotionally back on your feet. one day when things are better for you , someone will walk in to your life who will change everything for you with out even trying. since you will be single, you will be able to just jump right in and grab him with both arms and not let go.


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  • Nope. Hollywood ruins the concept of love by idolizing the first stage of romance anyways

    Give it time and try looking, and giving chances to mates in different ways

  • Who cares what's normal


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