Do you really have to get marry to become a citizen?

I'm talking to some French guy who is right now an exchange student and he's been liking it here. He would like to apply to stay here longer.

He has no interest in getting married whatsoever and has been living alone since he turned 18 last year.

I'm going to miss him when he goes back to France I agree. We're not dating exclusively but hang out sometimes.
He wants to know if there is a way of becoming at least a resident without having to married a US citizen. He wants nothing to do with marriage.


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  • He can apply for an H1-B visa or keep attending college or something.

    • Thank you. Yes, he's in his freshman year of college.

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  • There are other ways but it's very difficult.
    You have to get a green card first and after 5 years you can apply for citizenship. To get a green card, assuming you don't win the lottery you usually need work visa first and hold a job in the US. And work visas have a cap, something like 600 000 a year. So it's hard to get one and a lot of companies won't even interview foreigners

    If he is on student visa it might be different

  • Yes u do.