My boyfriend is always losing things, how can I help?

He's away for college and he's always losing important things like his glasses, his wallet, his card for food, his keys to his dorm etc. It worries me because those are very very important things to have and he loses something several times a week. If we were married and lived together it wouldn't be an issue because I could help him keep his things safe. Is there anything I can do or tell him to do while he's away at school?

My boyfriend is always losing things, how can I help?


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  • I'm losing stuff all the time.
    there are some tricks that help:
    call your phone from another phone and you'll hear where it is
    I hang my keys on a sling on my neck or on a carabiner on my belt.
    Moneyfold always in the same pocket
    I did see a little gadget to attach to objects. If it's in the same room, it whistles when you clap you hands.
    All that doesn't help much, of course. My wife is good at finding things... happily.

    • Thank you for your opinion, it does give me some ideas so that was indeed helpful. :)

    • I have a carabiner like that on each of my free time belts.
      Click and my key ring is hooked.

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  • My boyfriend is the same way, we spent 15 minutes trying to find his phone yesterday. It's pretty hard to find a phone you can't call -_-

    If he has reminders in his phone, or maybe even a note pad, he could maybe write down where he puts things. Or he could try making a designated area for his important stuff like his keys.

    • Yeah those sound like great ideas thank you! And lol at the phone thing. I always have to tell my boyfriend to turn the sound on when he's out of class, but no... xD

    • You're very welcome! :)

      And yeah, he sucks when it comes to his phone being on silent. Especially when I visit him at college and can't get inside because he took a nap and can't hear his phone going off 😓 Hahaha