Why are women so desperate for relationship?

I am in college, I've been told I am hot many times. I was at party last month and some girl was trying to flirt with me so we hooked up and day after that she texted me and told me she got my number from some of my friend. I didn't mind, I told her it's ok and we kept texting and I took her to this party last week where we both had funn and had sex again. I am in college and definitely don't want relationship at all, But then after last time she started acting dramatic and texting stuff like "I'm bored. Text me" and shit like that and then she asked me if she look bad and I told her no bexause she don't then I asked her out again today for party tommorow night and she replied she isn't gonna do this again unless we are real couple because she feel like I am using her? Wtf? Sex both times were on both our wills. How the fuck did I used her? I texted back saying that "you crazy? You do realize sex is two way thing right?" And then she sent me sad and angry emoji sign and told her friends I used her? And said That I wasn't obviously ready for relationship and just used her for sex? Wtf I never used anyone? This goes same way with every girl I meet mostly, why are girls so desperate for relationship?

She texted me tonight too saying shed wanna meet me tommorow? Wth


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  • we're emotional human beings, we attach emotions with sex and so do you. everyone does, it's no fun having sex like a robot with no emotion.

    she feels like all you want from her is sex, you want her body but not HER. it's a crappy feeling when everyone you allow yourself to be intimate with fucks and ducks, you start wondering if you aren't good enough, smart enough, interesting enough.

    the problem is actually college guys who only want sex.

    next time, warn her that you want absolutely no strings attached.

    • Wtf? How was I suppose to know she wanted more when she never cleared neither? Wtf She was actually more in it than I was first time then why want relationship all off sudden? And I am normal human too, I just don't want a relationship.

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    • How the fuk is it my job when we both agreed to it and she initiated the sex? Wtf u talking about? Have u read my question?

    • I did told her just week later I'm not looking for any kind relationship and she was ok with it till last week

  • Because most of society shoves it in your face.

    • What? Wtf?

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    • Lol that actually wasn't first time someone told me that and it's colege, I'd do it too if I see hot chick and forget to take her number?

    • That's when you wait until you ask her face to face. Plus you said she's not the only crazy one you've met and if they did it that same way. Well then it seems to be a key thing to pointing out they're crazy.

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  • Same reason guys get desperate to have sex. To fill a need.

    • How was I desperate when she was in it too? Lol