I had a blackout drunk Saturday night (school party) apparently got with a guy I don't know his name different year dose this make me a bad person?

its now Tuesday and I have found out his name (still don't know who he is😬) I'm starting to get questions in the common room about my Saturday night but I don't know what to say other than nygdb any help on this is also appreciated 😊

  • Yes absolutely
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  • No ur cool
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  • Depends (comment below 😊)
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  • Calm down it happens to the best of us
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  • It happens to the best of us... at least the first time. Those that don't learn from their mistakes can be blamed for repeating them in the future.


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  • Having fun on Saturday night is totally fine so long as both parties consent! Why would that make you a bad person? Don't worry about it!