What's your zodiac sign?


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  • I am a cancer. Unfortunately, I'm ashamed of it because it suits me quite well in a number of ways..

    See, cancer isn't a very well liked sign for a number of reasons. We are both emotional and passive aggressive (I'm not that passive aggressive but I am very emotional). We have high expectations of ourselves yet we are also lazy af (guilty). We also have a nasty rep of being cheaters which I don't fall under but it's still an embarrassing stigma to have on you.

    • uh cancers actually have the rep of being one of he most faithful signs in the zodiac

      and they are romantics too

      I only see upsides in being a cancer

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    • @HookingSwan Go on any cancer page on the internet. You'd be surprised.

    • I have

      That's why I am surprised with what you just said. I have read the absolute opposite of that. Several times lol.


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