I feel so stupid playing the sport I love. can someone please help?

Hey everyone, so here's the story.. Last year I played softball and I've played before that but I skipped a year. So basically I went from "everyone is a winner" type of team to an Allstar team. And all those girls were really athletic and I am not, I felt so intimidated. I felt like I look like the fat loser who sucks and just brings the team down and I felt no one wanted me on the team. Well anyways... I love the sport A LOT so I signed up this year also and my first practice is tomorrow, I'm very nervous. I just need advice on how to feel better about it and less like a burden and maybe even someone who could show me links or something on good softball tips that I could practice to help make me better.


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  • Not being athletic does not mean you're a bad player. I never played football very well, but when I played it in a regular basis and was able to play decently I was not in shape at all. It didn't matter because I could still score goals.


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  • I literally played soccer non stop since the time I was 3 trust me it's not worth the stress of commitment just quit

    • Haha... telling me to quit just made me want to do it more. I'm not a quitter, especially because I love this sport. Thanks tho ig lol.

    • Unless you plan on being the best you'll never be happy

  • Its not stupid its cool you love something and are so passionate about it.

  • Stop for a little bit then come back hungrier than before

    • I haven't played all winter haha. I'm pretty determined but me being my only support system gets harder and harder to do. I don't have anyone so I just wanted a bit of advise or something to make me feel better. Thanks (: haha

    • Oh okay never up!!!
      If you ever wanted to talk PM me i liked your question so you can know my profile

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