Anyone else have weird dreams last night? What's the weirdest thing you've ever dreamt?

Last night I had a dream about these two guys who I met in a shop and I ended up marrying one of them and I forgot to tell him I was already married and haven't got a divorce yet so he got mad and went away and I magically went into a different scenery where I was married to John Travolta and following him around trying to get alone time with him 😐


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  • Ok, years ago there was this weird dream that is still etched in to my mind. So much so that I kind of want to put it on paper at some point.

    So I'm in this desert and there's a bowl like crater there. About the size of a building. In the centre of the barren crater is a steam punk cube shack, made of plates of metal bolted together. It had a few pipes along it's surface.
    I'm standing next to the shack and I'm being chased by the Arnold Shwarzeneger from Terminator 2. He's running after me as I'm running backwards around the shack in a circle.
    That's how the entire dream went. I'm running backwards in circles with him on my tail (front tail).

  • The other night I dreamed I was at this fancy dinner party, wearing a tux and a part of this elaborate murder plot. I was like James Bond or something. And I gave this lady a Godiva chocolate, which was actually cyanide, she was foaming and choking and gave me this wide eyed death stare lol. It was actually pretty gruesome.
    It's kind of disturbing how often I dream about killing people lol


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  • My dreams are always far to complex to ever verbalize properly. They are all very strange and plot heavy.. From sex dreams with my boyfriend to dreams involving UFOs coming out of the lake behind my house and aliens plotting to break into my house and kidnap me. I've had gory dreams where giant spiders were attacking and another where zombies were out there roaming the streets. It's hard to say which was weirdest..

    • Lol I understand. I've had dreams where so many things happened I couldn't even remember one thing lol

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    • I honestly feel like dreams could come from maybe things or people you might see during the day. cause a lot of times when i dream something it comes from something i did or seen that day. now how my brain makes a whole scenario out of that one thing i have no idea lol. hopefully in the future they can make it to where were actually able to record and watch our dreams over the next day lol

    • That would be great!!