Why did I throw up after drinking only 1.5 glasses of wine?

When Im stressed out or frustrated at the moment, I help myself to some drinks. I had a glass and a half of white wine and the next morning I had the biggest stomach ache and threw up in my toilet. It was weird because before I could drink waayy more that 1.5 glasses of wine and not feel sick afterwards. But I haven't drank alcohol in awhile because Im trying to lose weight and started drinking 10 glasses of water each day. Im trying to get more healthier, however, I just felt like I needed a drink and im 21 so its not that big of a deal. Anyway, I did eat that day.. i had many fruit, chicken and i cooked a burger topped with avocado and lemon. There was a break in between my last meal and the time I drank so maybe thats why i three up? Also, I wouldn't normally do this but After drinking, i had a shit ton of tortia chips with a chilli and cheese dip. This was right after downing my half a glass of wine. Then I just layed in my bed and dont remember the rest of the night until i woke up at 6 in the morning to go to the bathroom and vomit.


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  • It was probably the tortilla chips I would say


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  • Was it your first time trying that specific type of wine?
    Perhaps, you were allergic to it.