Is mother nature punishing me right now because I'm good at playing on play station 😢?

Long story short: I bet a schoolmate on every game we played on play station. 😛
He was like that he will get a revenge, but I don't think it will be any time soon. 😏
While we were playing my period came, so, is mother nature trying to sabotage me? 😢

  • Yes, mother nature hates you. >.>
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  • Nope, only coincidence.
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  • Mother nature is just trying to make it more fair XD


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  • I have a secret "period-button" on my PS-Controller which I can press every time I lose against a girl. Works like magic 👌
    I guess he bought the same one

    • But I wasn't playing with the Polish host's brother. 😂
      She hosted both me and a schoolmate. I played against him. 😏😂

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