Whats the best hard rock/metal toned guitar you can buy?


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  • I can try and direct you to guitars, but a lot of it depends on price range and preferences.
    The general "metal" guitar companies tend to be Ibanez, ESP, Jackson, and Schecter. However, PRS makes some nice stuff as well (though those tend to be more rock in general). Another thing to consider is string count.

    For seven string guitars, I tend to hear more about Ibanez being on top of their game. For six string guitars, I would say ESP is your best bet. PRS is a little more all-rounder and can handle rock to metal in case you don't want to focus exclusively on a genre. ESP is very metal.

    My top two picks are an ESP LTD EC-1000 and an Ibanex RG655. However, if your price range is a little lower than the $1000ish range these are in, I would go towards Schecter Hellraiser (more in the $800ish range). I must say, Schecter guitars are the best deal I've ever seen for the price.
    From playing them and hearing them, I have always thought they sound pretty great. (Plus they tend to have BADASS inlays).

  • ESP and PRS make some really nice guitars. It depends on your budget though, I'd definitely go more ESP if you are looking for metal, however PRS is really good for rock stuff. They are both pretty expensive ($500+) so if you aren't looking to spend that much money you would probably do better to get a Schecter guitar, they are cheaper and still alright sounding.