Anybody else feel like they aren't normal when it comes to expressing their emotions?

When somebody I know loses a family member or are having a bad day I have no idea whatsoever how to handle it. I usually will be like "oh sorry to hear that" or "Damn that sucks". Even when I am having an awesome day I don't really seem like it I guess, I have had fabulous days and my girlfriend doesn't seem to notice how I'm feeling. Sometimes I question if I'm a psycho or Asperger's or something cause it ain't right.
I rarely cry, rarely get angry, I usually just feel numb and mediocre. Sometimes I hold on to things that bother me till I can't anymore then I bring it up instead of at the exact time it happened, usually hours later or the next day. When i'm horny too sometimes I don't know what to say or do

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  • Sometimes
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  • Just with anger
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  • Just when im sad
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What Girls Said 2

  • Constantly, though i do actually have Asperger's

    • Any other things or feelings you may mention?

    • Not really, but all the stuff you mentioned does seem quite familiar, so it might actually be Asperger's, though you should look into it more before drawing conclusions

  • yes i feel awkward


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  • What's normal

    • Good point young padawan