When dreams become hard?

a lot of people have dreams, aspirations, things that make you feel so good that you can help but smile whole heartedly, just like everyone else i have a dream, something i have every intention making a reality. Recently, its just been really stressful an i don't really know what to do with the stress, its making my regular everyday just gloomy, were i find i have to focus on other things to keep up my dream, to slowly work towards it, not even for happiness honestly, i just love it it with my whole soul, but this stress is literally eating me whole an i don't know how to deal with it, any advice or tips would be welcomed, thanks for reading <3


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  • find a hobby, watch inspirational videos on youtube or go travel, fall in love...
    if nothing helps... then visit a doctor

    • i have hobbies an i have friends, i live with my bother an a friend so i do a lot of this an that an i have fun but its not really de stressing me anymore like it was before i just always feel stressed now, ya know what im trying to say?

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  • Relax and share your time with someone who can help you.

    • i take a lot of breaks an on my days off from work i try to relax as much as i can i just dont really have someone that imitate to talk to, for something like this, ty for the answer tho <3

  • No we can't... at least not easily...

    • Omg I'm so sorry... i wasn't replying to this question... i was replying to the change username question... shitty phone... i don't know sorry

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    • Lets see if I have ur answer... ask ur self one thing... how badly do u want ur dreams to come true... what wid happen if they never become real... U have to love ur dream... chase it... And then u get to live it... its not easy and it probably never will be... learn to fight.. all that stands in between... ok

    • i love it to the point were its the only thing i think about most of the day, were it completely engulfs me an its were i feel the best ever, I've asked myself these questions before an I've come to the conclusion that if i can get my dream it just means im not trying hard enough yet