How do I stop being like this?

how do i stop thinking every one is liying. if someone say im there friend im thinking thy dont actually like me thy are just trying to be nice if someone ask me out or even when my boyfriend says he loves me i think thy are lying thay dont love me thy dont even like me the are saying this out of pity or something some fucked up joke even when my mom and dad people in my fam say thy love me but i dont belive them if thy say i look good or nice or pretty i think thy dont mean it thy are trying to be nice thy just tolerate me for some reson. no one knows i think like this how do i make it stop y y do i think like this?


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  • You need a little self-esteem... You might need a little more trust in your life.. Meaning you need to start believing people alitte more..

    • i try to believe in people but i still here a voice saying thy are lying and i never been good at trusting people

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    • What kind of rifle?

    • um bolt action 243 caliber thats abut all i know i did not get it till this year


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  • At least you don't believe everything you hear.. lol j/J

    Look if you hear the same things from everyone you talk to, I don't think the world will team up to tell you one big lie lol. Just get rid of your insecurity and realize you know something.. maybe, just maybe what they're telling me is true

    • how do i do that

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    • It's hard to explain. You just have to realize to yourself that if you're hearing the same things from a lot of different people then then take it as being true

    • thats hard to do snce my mom drinks a lot and will say she loves me then 30 min later will start screaming im a bad kid can't do any thing right and starts comparing me to her sis saying i will be just like her and a bunch of other stuff and in the morn acts like nothing happened

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