Would you Rather (2)?

  • Eat unicorn poopWould you Rather (2)?
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  • Lick a entire Max ( moveing bus/train)
    5% (1)13% (2)9% (3)Vote
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Just a heads up to all, I will be doing a lot of would you rather questions


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  • Unicorn poop because unicorns dont exist.


    • Smooth move

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    • I know what it is. It's in the FAMILY of Rhinocerotidae but not the genus of Rhinoceros which is the genus in which all living ("extant") rhinoceroses are. Elasmotherium is the genus that Elasmotherium sibiricum is in. That's what I meant by it not being a rhinoceros. It's the same as saying that Australopithicenes aren't humans because we are in the genus Homo but Australopithicenes aren't in the genus Homo but in the genus Hominini although we are both in the family of Hominidae.

    • @abc3643 You are right, but its still closer related to a rhino than a horse xD

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  • Eat unicorn poop, because it looks delicious lol


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