What is this nonsense?

So I ALWAYS get my favorite deodorant which is this What is this nonsense?

if they are out of that I'll get the clean version.

But now I've been to 4 different stores and the ONLY ones they carry is this
If you can't see the inside too well it's a gel/liquid deodorant which I hate. I like the solid stick but they seem to no longer have that

Well that was my rant. Is anyone else who buys the gillette I buy notice this or is it just the stores around me? My precious deodorant is gone!


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  • I feel you, the same thing happened to me a couple years back with my perfume, it took me YEARS to finally find a perfume I truly liked, and after buying that one for years, suddenly, it was gone, they wouldn't produce it anymore, so I'm still searching for a perfume like that one


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  • It sucks when they pull that kind of crap-o-la on ya', man! I hope it's just like an interruption of the supply by the distributors or something like that! But I've had a similar thing happen with several things (including deodorant) before! What can you do if the company stopped selling it?

    I REALLY hate it when they change something a lot, like in the example you give, but label it exactly the same and it's not so easily visible! Then you have to try several stores and end up finally realizing it's just been changed! Or you can get mad and just start ripping all the boxes open in the store! But you may meet some resistance if you're seen! LOL!

    There's no right answer, unfortunately... just check every once and a while, in case the original product returns! But, my friend, I know this is hard to hear, let alone accept, but you need to start thinking about moving on! There are other fish in the sea! :) :)

    • My armpits are royalty; they deserve the best!

    • Then find the best! Next best option, whip up a batch in your basement, do you have any skills in industrial chemistry? If so I need not say any more. If not and they stopped selling your shit, then buy one of each of the top ten most expensive deodorants and see what the new best is... then, toss the rest and go with the goods!


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  • Lol I'm sorry for your loss, by the way if you don't like liquid deodorants I'd suggest trying a spray :P

    • You're sorry for his loss,... :) Thank you! I knew someone could give me a chuckle, eventually!

  • Try an order it in bulk online


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